Get Ready For Life's Greatest Adventure

Iain MacLeod

Often hilarious, always honest and with a lot less swearing than the author intended, Fatherhood is a first-hand account of the journey from ‘not that bothered’ about kids, to the first birthday party.

Delving into why some men are wary of having children, what they think is going to happen when they do, and what really happens when they get on with it, Fatherhood is an entertaining and informative read for all would be parents.

Is it really that difficult to get pregnant? How much is it all going to cost? Why do people seem to disappear whenever they have a baby? Is it possible to have kids and hang on to an adventurous spirit?

This book answers these questions, and more, as the author struggles into fatherhood, tests the limits on caffeine consumption and discovers the most difficult thing about being a father, has nothing to do with the kid.

If you’re thinking about becoming a father, you enjoy your freedom and you don’t like being told what to do, you should ‘probably’ read this book.

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